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DADiRRi Welcomes Nevada to the Team!

Recently DADiRRi expanded into the great state of Nevada with their first franchisees! Graduates of UNLV, home means Nevada to the both black woman AND family operated DADiRRi.Like their Colorado counterparts, they pride themselves on a healthy company culture with diverse roots. This locally owned business is excited and proud to bring these new, premium products to all Nevadans!

CEO and Owner of DADiRRi Nevada

What we’re looking for

We are currently looking for like-minded, motivated individuals to join our DADiRRi family!

Entrepreneurs with drive and passion. People who have good morals and values and can thrive in operations and management. Someone who wants to bring our beautiful brand to new markets and has an extreme excitement for cannabis and its thriving future.

This opportunity provides entry into a multi-billion dollar industry, at the ground level, but with the luxury of not starting from scratch. If you are looking for a seamless business model with huge potential for growth, we are the ones for you!

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The DADiRRi Difference

First to market with sophisticated, advanced products that are unheard of in newly opened cannabis territories and rare in established locations, bringing you years ahead of the game!

Products that appeal to a vast consumer market and are utilized daily. That means a faster re-order rate and increased sales!

Impeccable marketing and brand recognition-unlike anything in the cannabis marketplace. A true lifestyle brand that is welcoming to all demographics!
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Our Facility

Simple manufacturing setup. Dialed in equipment. No expensive lab needed.


2,000-5,000 square feet of industrial space needed. This includes on-site offices and room to grow.


No store front or obvious grow means a more secure space. Standard manufacturing hours and no late nights and weekends.


Less labor staff needed than most operations. High output for lower cost. Low turnover rate and amazing work environment.

Awards and Recognition
DADiRRi is a 12x award winner, recognized by some of the biggest names in the cannabis industry for our product quality, flavor, potency, and innovation.
Rooster THC Classic 2021

Top Choice- Caviar SunRock Pre-Rolls

3rd Place- Bubble Hash

Rooster 710 Showdown 2021

1st Place- Bubble Hash

3rd Place- Caviar SunRocks

Rooster 710 Showdown 2022

Grand Champion- Caviar SunRock

3rd Place- Bubble Hash

3rd Place- Botanicals

Rooster THC Classic 2023

1st Place – Caviar SunRocks

1st Place – Bubble Hash

3rd Place- Solventless Caviar Cone

High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado 2020

People’s Choice Edition

2nd Place- Best Pre-Rolls

High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado 2022

People’s Choice Edition

3rd Place- Best Infused Pre-Roll

Leaflink 2018

Top Selling Pre-Roll

1st Place- Top Growing Pre-Roll in Colorado

4th Place- Top Growing Pre-Roll in Nation

Connoisseur Cup Colorado 2019 and 2020

1st Place Caviar SunRock Pre-Rolls

1st Place Caviar SunRock

1st Place CBD Beverage

Grow with DADiRRi

DADiRRi has partnered with the best franchising teams in the nation to offer a duplicatable cannabis manufacturing model that is the first of its kind!

These powerhouses include Invictus Development Group, Vicente Sederberg, FranMan, and Spadealaw – helping drive sustainable growth for brands such as Benihana and Big O’ Tires.

Franchising with DADiRRi offers a way for entrepreneurs to gain access to the cannabis market without starting from ground zero – saving years of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Franchisees can also benefit from our vast experience in this field, especially in a leading territory such as Colorado. We’ve spent years building expertise in regulations, licensing, product development, manufacturing, strategic partnerships, branding, marketing, and sales.

Current Opportunities

DADiRRi has many territories still available for expansion in both new and established cannabis markets. Our model offers many benefits for its franchisees as well!
  • Legalized
  • Medical and Decriminalized
  • Medical
  • Decriminalized
  • CBD Only
  • Fully illegal

Frequently asked questions

What kind of training and support can franchisees expect?

We provide a week long training at the corporate facility in Denver, Colorado as well as a week long training in your territory, including the grand opening of your location.

We are there every step of the way. This includes license acquisition, buildout/site selection, equipment, processes, hiring, training, etc. We have a state of the art franchising manual that lists every last detail you will need to be a successful business. We will be flying to your location at least once per quarter for support and of course, we are there for any questions you may have along the way!

Does DADiRRi have any investment requirements?

Investment requirements range from $400,000 – $650,000. Relative to other models in the cannabis industry, we offer a low startup cost with the potential for quick return on investment, thanks in part to the strong growth in demand for pre-rolls and concentrates.

Can I open a franchise in more than one location?

Our franchisees get full right to distribution and sales in their territory, and have the opportunity to buy multiple territories or entire states.

How many distributors does Dadirri have right now?

We’re currently distributing our products through more than 350 dispensaries in Colorado/Nevada and counting