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DADiRRi’s vision is to become a global brand and a household name in the cannabis industry. Known for our high quality and innovative products as well as its beautiful brand and company culture. We are leaders in our field and always at the forefront of cannabis technology.
Quality at every step
Family-owned and operated
Driven by purpose
Doing our part to help Mother Earth
Committed to people and clients

We have proven and proprietary manufacturing processes that keep our products consistent and safe. We only source from the highest quality cultivators and each product is rigorously tested for possible impurities. Only top shelf ingredients used at DADiRRi!

DADiRRi is a family owned and operated company whose founders have been in the Colorado cannabis industry since 2010. We are dedicated to providing not only quality products but an exceptional company culture. We are a predominantly diverse and woman ran company who’s employees have a long standing tenure.

The goal of DADiRRi is to integrate cannabis, and its many plant allies, into people’s everyday life. Both medicinally and recreationally. For cannabis to be widely accepted and utilized throughout the world, possibly replacing or competing with current harmful alternatives.

DADiRRi is extremely proud of our near zero-waste manufacturing facility. Especially in an extremely wasteful and resource heavy cannabis industry. From zero-waste production to recyclable processes and biodegradable packaging, we’re making the environment a priority in everything we do.

DADiRRi offers a 100% buyback guarantee on our products and are dedicated to making every consumption experience top-notch. Our loyal customers, Dadirrians, are our biggest focus.

Our Team

DADiRRi is a family owned and operated company whose founders have been in the industry since 2010. Together we bring vast experience in areas such as regulations, licensing, product development, manufacturing, branding, marketing, and sales.

Please refer to Franchising page for highlights on our amazing franchising partners and their story!!

The people behind the magic

A little about Ashley...

Ashley Schriener is the CEO/Co-Founder of DADiRRi. Before joining the cannabis industry with her father and brother, she came from a long line of executive sales and marketing jobs in corporate America. She sold everything from toilet paper to craft beer, and succeeded in every aspect of it except was missing the passion and purpose behind her career. It was not until she found the cannabis industry that she truly felt at home. Ashley is the true visionary behind the DADiRRi brand, from the logo design to it’s mission.

Unlike her partners, Ashley does not consume cannabis as much as she once did. She is however a huge fan of the new Botanicals line. Ashley shares a beautiful baby boy with Jason and spends most of her spare time making memories with her family. She is also a huge advocate for self-growth and helping others live life to their full potential. She has a plethora of books, podcasts, coaches, supplements etc.

Ashley Schriener
CEO and Co-Founder

A little about Devin...

Devin Schriener is the COO/Co-Founder of DADiRRi. He started in the Colorado cannabis industry over 10 years ago, working alongside his father Greg. When that company hit it’s plateau, the family decided to start a fresh, new, quality cannabis company- and that is when DADiRRi was born. Due to his tenure in the cannabis space, he has been a guiding light for the team when it comes to product trends and industry intricacies.

Devin is the most distinguished cannabis smoker of the three, who unlike Jason, prefers the high energy and heavy hitting Sativa strains! Although I must say, his love for cannabis wasn’t always there. Devin was the stereotypical D.A.R.E. kid growing up, refusing to consume cannabis and belittling those around him that did. It wasn’t until college that he realized that the plant wasn’t what previous propaganda had portrayed, and that it was actually an excellent tool to help him sleep- something he had struggled with.

You can find Devin in his garage rebuilding motors and refurbishing mini-bikes or up in the mountains walking his German Shepard, Mabel. He loves all things fast and loud- sort of like him.

Devin Schriener
COO and Co-Founder

A little about Jason...

Jason Andrews is the CFO/Co-Founder of DADiRRi. Before his start in cannabis, he travelled the country in the health and wellness field as well as led many event marketing teams for large corporate companies. He met his Co-Founder counterpart, Ashley, in Aspen Colorado in 2014 and was quickly immersed into the Schriener family and their connection to the cannabis industry.

Jason has been an avid cannabis consumer since it was first legalized (and maybe before 😉) and truly believes in the healing benefits of the plant. He is an Indica smoker who loves that relaxing, non-racey high. Jason is an amazing father to his young, toddler son. He LOVES to travel, usually to warm tropical places. Jason also has an impressive 1992 diesel Land Cruiser “SunRock crawler” in which he often is hitting the tall Rocky Mountain peaks with. Adventure is the name of the game with Jason!

Jason Andrews
CFO and Co-Founder

Our award-winning product lines are carefully crafted to help you live dadirriously and enjoy a superior cannabis experience.

Explore our high-THC products including many solventless options, or check out what we offer to franchisees.