(duh • deer • ee)
DADiRRi means deep, inner listening and quiet, still awareness. It is a 'tuning in' experience with the specific aim to come to a deeper understanding of the beauty of nature.

DADiRRi is a lifestyle brand focused on bringing

and cannabis

The DADiRRi Difference

DADiRRi is dedicated to providing unique, premium grade products that promote the synergistic lifestyle and vibration of people, nature, and cannabis. Our mission is to always provide consumers a top-quality and sacred cannabis experience.

Quality at every step
We have proven and proprietary manufacturing processes that keep our products consistent, safe, and enjoyable. We only source from the highest quality cultivators and each product is rigorously tested for any possible impurities. Only top shelf ingredients are used at DADiRRi!
Family owned and operated
DADiRRi is a family owned and operated company whose founders have been in the Colorado cannabis industry since 2010. We are dedicated to providing not only quality products but an exceptional company culture. We are diverse and woman-run company whose employees have a long standing tenure.
Driven by purpose
The goal of DADiRRi is to integrate cannabis, and its many plant allies, into people's everyday life both medically and recreationally. We hope cannabis will be widely accepted and utilized throughout the world; replacing or competing with traditional western medicines. We are leaders and innovators in our field, always at the forefront of cannabis technology and that will continue to drive us.
Doing our part to help Mother Earth
DADiRRi is extremely proud of our near zero-waste manufacturing facility in Colorado. The cannabis industry has long been known for being resource heavy and unbelievable wasteful and we are committed to change that. From zero-waste production methods to state of the art recycling processes, and biodegradable packaging. We're making the environment a priority in everything we do.
Committed to our people and clients
DADiRRi offers a 100% buyback guarantee on our products and are dedicated to making every consumption experience top-notch. Our loyal customers, Dadirrians, are our biggest focus.
Learn more about us
Explore our family of premium grade products. Each one was designed with the cannabis conscious consumer in mind.

DADiRRi's diverse and innovative line of products includes solventless and high THC items, as well as ground breaking new smokables such as our herbal infused pre-rolls.

Franchising with DADiRRi

DADiRRi is one of the first cannabis manufacturers in the world expanding via franchising. We believe the DADiRRi model offers a seamless way for entrepreneurs to get into the cannabis space without starting from ground zero. We have teamed up with the largest names in the game to bring a powerhouse package to our future franchisees.

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